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Water-thinned rubber-latex paint is already an old reliable, though it is only about 10 years old. It accounts for a big percentage of all paint sold and is still the most widely available of the easy-to-use finishes. One new type is a combination vinyl-rubber paint that is said to do a better job on interiors than either vinyl or rubber alone because it dries faster, lasts longer and has less sheen.

You can tell when the bucket of paint is getting low when the airless starts pumping really loud and doesn't stop. Simply tip the nearly empty bucket of paint, at an angle so that the mesh filter is covered and wait for the airless to catch up and stop pumping. Sometimes it's just easier to just to replace the bucket of paint with the new one and when that starts going down, pour the excess from the old bucket into the new one.

THE STYLE / MOVEMENT. The fastest way to interpret a painting is to determine what movement it belongs to, or at least what movements and styles influenced the artist. The style influences the choice and treatment of the subject, the color, the perspective and the symbols. Impressionists, for instance, experimented with unusual perspectives - bird's eye or frog's eye; their brushwork is visible and the colors are laid separately to mix in the eye of the viewer rather than on the palette. In impressionism the light is more important than the people it bounces off - quite different from romanticism. In romanticism you have to be a poet, a revolutionary, a gypsy or a vagabond to make your way into the painting - they appreciated the bold spirit, the freedom and the people who were different.

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Paint Glossary. Distemper - A traditional water-based paint made from animal and natural resins, which dries to a velvety matt finish. Primarily used on ceilings and plaster mouldings, and to give furniture an aged effect, but not suitable for areas of high wear. Available to order from specialist companies.

But before doing this, you have to know the condition of the surface you wanted to paint. Regardless of whether the base coat is oil or latex, you must dull glossy paint by sanding or de-glossing it with a chemical de-glossing product. If you don't dull glossy paint, the second coat will streak and not stick to the base coat when drying.

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